Why an American Honors Transfer Program?



The College Transfer Program is a long standing system in the United States whereby students can transfer from one institution to another. This is most commonly done by students completing a two year program at a community college and transferring to another institution.

It is estimated that of 60% of Americans have transferred at least once during their college years.

Are degrees awarded to transfer students inferior?

No, this is not the case, a bachelor degree is a bachelor degree. There is no distinction between students that have studied an entire four year course at the same university and students that have transferred from a community college or other institution.

What are the benefits of a transfer program?

  • Lower fees – typically students can save up to 50% of the first two years’ fees by first going to a community college.
  • Lower entry requirements – Normally the GPA and TOEFL/IELTS requirements are much lower for entry to a transfer program than for direct entry to year one of a prestigious university.
  • Small class size of 20 -25 students – This means students can enjoy from more personal attention from teachers resulting in better grades which in turn gets them into their chosen college.

How is a transfer program possible?

The first two years of a college four year degree are predominately general education. This means that these first two years are much the same anywhere and can be studied at any college and the credits earned can be transferred easily.

Can I transfer to any university?

Most community colleges have guaranteed transfer agreements with several universities though many students successfully apply to universities where no agreement is in place.

Transfer depends on grades achieved and also electives studied. This is where the importance of the American Honors student advisors comes in as they will advise on what electives to choose and to which universities you can realistically apply.

Where does American Honors offer Transfer Programs?

What if I haven’t finished high school?

No problem, There are High School Completion programs available at two of the American Honors partner colleges, Jackson College and Pierce College.

Where can I get more information?

Contact GetSet now for more information on how to apply, fees, start dates and guaranteed transfer agreements.