Canada Weather

What is the weather like in Canada

Canada is a vast country, the second largest in the world, so to explain Canadian weather in one easy statement is difficult. Because of the massive size of the country, there are six major climate zones but as most of the towns and cities are within one hundred miles from the border with the United States, you won't have to worry about living in the icy conditions of Canada's Subarctic and Tundra regions.

What are the main climates in Canada?

Semiarid – In Canada, this climate features dry, hot summers and cold winters when it will often snow. Found a few hundred miles east of Vancouver, there are no major Canadian cities in this zone.

Temperate Maritime– Vancouver and the coast of British Columbia enjoy this climate. The summers are mild but you are going to see more rain here in the winter rather than the snow you would find in the rest of the country.

Humid Continental – Stretching from coast to coast along the southern most parts of Canada, this climate is typified by cold winters and mild summers (light blue) or cold winters and hot summers (dark blue), Toronto experiences the latter of these two climates.

Subarctic - Long, very cold winters, and short, cool to mild summers. This climate zone stretches right across central Canada from the Pacific to the Atlantic coast and is only sparsely populated by Canada's indigenous peoples.

Tundra – Found in the very northern parts of Canada where it is winter almost all year round. Not much will grow in this climate because of the severely low temperatures and short growing season. Only the hardiest of Canada's indigenous population can found living in this climate.

Climate map of Canada

Average temperatures in major Canadian cities

What clothes should I take?

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