The GetSet Service for Secondary Education

GetSet’s face-to-face counselling will help you decide on a school for your child that best meets their ability and your requirements.

We can also work with you once your offers are back from the schools to which we have applied.

GetSet’s counsellors have all lived and studied in the UK. Our professional counsellors dispense well-informed, independent advice with your interests in mind and our feedback from students is testimony to this.

What can GetSet do for you?

  • Free English level testing.
  • If necessary, we will get your child enrolled onto an English language course to get them properly prepared for academic study
  • Paperwork – yuck! Relax, we’ll do it for you. Administration forms are time-consuming and can be confusing, especially when they’re not written in your native language. GetSet’s ever-thoughtful staff will handle this chore for you. Leave them with us or, if you have time, sit down and we’ll go through it with you.
  • Many schools will require that your child take a math examination and an English entrance examination. GetSet will arrange the time and the venue for these exams.
  • Peruse our extensive library. We have brochures, pamphlets, prospectuses and course books. We have material on all research degrees in the UK – to check them out, come on in.
  • While you’re in the office, we can help out with any supporting documentation such as personal statement, reference and school transcript. We will  help package this information so that you present your child’s goals, skills and experiences in the very best possible way for a UK academic audience.
  • Native English speakers from the UK will edit your personal statement and references where necessary – do not underestimate the value of this service which can make all the difference for your child’s application.
  • We will send off the paperwork and keep you posted on what stage your child’s application is at.
  • We will handle all communication with the schools to which you have applied on your behalf.
  • We’ll give you useful, up-to-date advice on boarding accommodation or homestay accommodation in the area if necessary.
  • No visa? No ticket? No problem. We can sort those out for you too. GetSet can fill out the visa application for your child, organise your plane ticket and arrange an airport pickup to convey you the school in the UK.

Which institutions offer secondary education?

Contact us and we’ll find an institution for you based on your criteria