The GetSet Service

How we can help you

Our extensive professional counselling will get you ready, set, and off to your dream school! But we don’t stop there. Your Getset counsellor is with you throughout your studies. Our people are overseas educated professionals with an extensive knowledge of living and studying abroad, and will help you with your journey. With Getset, you’ll get the right information the first time, every time. Our counsellors are available here to help whether you are waking up in Taipei or Birmingham. We can run through the finer points with you in your own country and your own language. GetSet’s face-to-face counselling will help you decide on a school for your child that best meets their ability and your requirements. We can also work with you once your offers are back from the schools to which we have applied. GetSet’s counsellors have all lived and studied in the UK. Our professional counsellors dispense well-informed, independent advice with your interests in mind and our feedback from students is testimony to this.

Get free coaching on how to get a scholarship

Our scholarship library and scholarship-coaching workshops have helped countless people find financial support. There is money out there if you know how to get it; we do.

Visa application service

We will guide you through the ins and outs of your visa application. Getset will save you the frustration of repeat visits to the visa office. We can also organize your plane ticket and arrange an airport pickup to bring you to your new home. Like all of our services, this is free.

Find a place to stay with us

Deciding where to stay can be a bit tricky with different institutions offering a variety of accommodation, some of it at discounted rates. Our experienced counselors will give you up-to-date advice on accommodation in the area where you will be studying. We may be able to get you in on boarding accommodation, homestay or college housing if it is available.

Free English level testing

If necessary, we can help you enroll in an English language course.

We will help you prepare your application

We will supply the forms, tell you what you need, and how to get it together. We will help you write your study plan, resume, and give advice how to ask for references. We will help package this information so that you present your goals, skills and experience in the very best possible way for your target school. Administration forms are time-consuming and can be confusing, especially when they are not written in your native language. That is why we can fill in the forms for you, or help you with the difficult sections. You will be sure you are all set before we send your application in!

We will proofread your work

GetSet will have a native speaker check your application documents and we will let you know if you need to change anything. We can edit your personal statement and references where necessary – do not underestimate how much this can make a difference in your application!

We will keep track of your applications for you

We will track your applications and keep you updated on their progress. We can also work with you once your offers are back from the schools to which we have applied. We can handle all communication with the school on your behalf.

Join our university tours in your own country

GetSet arranges regular tours where you can meet people from universities all over the world in your home country. This provides you with an excellent opportunity to meet face to face with people who might one day be teaching you.

Pre-departure briefings

We will give you all you need to know about the country where you will be living and learning, whether you are bound for the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand. Our pre-departure briefing includes a free international student ID card and your personal copy of Getset’s pre-departure guide.  

Make use of our office resources

Sometimes all you need is a quiet space to read and think. We have stacks of materials on British, American, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand institutions, as well as brochures, pamphlets, prospectuses and course books. We also have material on all research degrees in the UK, and many in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Use our computers to find information or to tidy up your scholarship application, then chat with our counsellors about your plans.

GetSet Alumni Club

GetSet’s extensive student network puts you in touch with people just like you who are already living and learning in the United Kingdom. Our alumni club is a terrific way for students to stay in touch once they leave the United Kingdom. Share your experiences with students from different institutions around the world, maintain friendships and form new ones, enhance your network of contacts and improve your job prospects.


Getset’s face-to-face counselling will help you decide on a school for your child that best meets their ability and your requirements.

Many schools require that your child takes a math examination and an English entrance examination. Getset will arrange the time and venue for these exams, and can help you enroll in an English language course.

Not everyone fulfills the requirements to study at a university. We can help you find a pre-university course to help fill the gap, so you can enroll in a university.

Getset’s face-to-face counselling will help you decide which College best meets your requirements for A–levels or a Foundation Course if you need to get qualified for university entry in the UK. If you are looking to study at a North American university then an Associate Degree, University Transfer Program or Pathway program at an American or Canadian college maybe right for you.

Further Education Colleges in the UK, Community Colleges in the US, TAFE Institutions in Australia and colleges in Canada and New Zealand all offer a wide range of vocational and good value for money English language courses.

All universities offer undergraduate courses.

Many colleges of further education in the UK offer undergraduate courses.

Some pre-university organizations offer undergraduate degree programs.

Most universities offer courses at postgraduate level.

Some colleges of Further Education in the UK also offer postgraduate courses.

Schools will require a specific English language level. We can test your level for free, and help you enroll in a suitable course. It is also possible to enroll into a course abroad.